Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Insufficiency of Christ - 6 Final

Suffering is the biggest problem/dilemma with God.  The argument goes: If God is all powerful and good then He doesn't care because if He did care, then He could and would fix the world and end my suffering and the suffering of everyone else.  Since there is suffering, then either there is no God, or He is not good, or He is not all powerful, or He set the world in motion and is letting it run by itself, or He created this but doesn't really care or arbitrarily cares what does or doesn't happen.  In short, if there is a God then He is insufficient to meet our needs or doesn't care.
Of course, all of these arguments turn on the perspective of us as the center.  In all of these scenarios, our story is what God should be about.  If you pick up a history of New Zealand from inception until today, you will not find my name mentioned.  I could contend, then, that New Zealand has no purpose in existing, may not even exist at all, actually.  They have nothing to do with my story.  If, on the other hand, the main story in the world is not about me but about New Zealand, then I am the one irrelevant.... unless I join their story.  AND even if I join their story and become relevant, my individual comfort and ease is not the objective of the story.  In fact, my suffering may be inconsequential or even necessary to the story.  New Zealand's story is bigger than me.
Jesus' story is the relevant one.  Jesus' story is the real story.  Jesus' story is bigger than me.  Jesus' story gives me relevance.  With this shift in perspective - from my pre-occupation with my story to a dedication to Jesus' - life in all its troubles and glories makes sense.  Jesus is sufficient for every need because the only need is to further His work and story.  Even martyrdom makes sense.  Even Paul's shipwreck makes sense.  Even a crucifixion makes sense.
For us all, for Jesus to make sense but also for our lives to make sense, we simply must reorient ourselves and have Christ as the center of our lives, His story as the story we are willing to do anything to forward, His agenda easily replacing our own, our goods and services at His complete discretion, our lives, in all its splendor and heartache, happily turned over to Him.  It is a glorious freedom to live this way.  Everything makes sense.  Christ IS sufficient to all our needs within His plot line.  "Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done."  "Ask anything in my name ["in my name" = within the context of my story] and the Father will give it to you."  Of course.  Hallelujah! 

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