Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Insufficiency of Christ - 5

What IS the STORY then?  The story you have left Egypt for and must entered Canaan for is a history of God and His remarkable desire to reconcile people to Himself so He can enjoy us and we enjoy Him forever.
So first and foremost, our part in the story is that we are lovers with God.  Song of Solomon is not in the Bible by mistake.  God is passionate about a relationship with us.  Our primary purpose in life is to play before and with God.  This is worship.  This is the why of the Sabbath:  God didn't rest because He was pooped from making hippos.  He was saying, "I love you for who you are not what you do. I love just being in a relationship with you.  I long for you to spend time just being you with Me."
Our second activity is to somehow get others to connect with this passion of God.  Though we all worship poorly and need to engage in worship better, the second part of our purpose causes huge practical problems.  Our whole life, every activity, every work, every thought, every prayer, our job, our hunting outings, our family, our possessions, our money, our time, our meals, our empty-nest bedrooms, our spare change, our cars, our camping gear, the extra coat, the extra bicycle, the bothersome kid down the street....everything about us should be directed towards either 1) us playing with and being real before God or 2) joining in His desperation to get people to love Him.  A fun life is not God's goal for your life.  He does want you to enjoy life so you can play well and free but He also is unashamedly willing to use you to get others to come to Him.  He desires love from people so desperately that He is willing to sacrifice your temporary happiness to get others to to engage with Him.  He is willing even to sacrifice His own son/self.  If you are not in these two stories, God play and ambassadorship of reconciliation, then Christ is of no use to you and He will be only a frustrating, irritating cur in your effort to have a life of your own.

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