Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Community must be a “means”.  The rights, privileges, advantages of simple community life will not support community.  We will create the end by our pettiness and rivalry and selfishness and agendas.  We will alienate our loved ones and create alliances with those we dislike.  We will sabotage the entire mess if the goal is community.  Community, in order to be community and make it as a community, must be based on the missiology we are called into in Christ.  If we try to achieve community by living together and learning how to get along and sharing, it will always collapse upon itself.  It is the same as sadness or introversion or non-medical depression.  If we try to make things/ourselves better, happier, we will fail because we are looking at the problem for the answer.  We were designed to be outward focused.  The major result of the Garden fall was that we turned our focus inward, self looking at our own nakedness.  Adam’s first sentence after the fall has five “I’s” in it.  Five in one sentence.  Living in community was/is our design but not as an end but as a means to participation in God’s plan.  This is part of the genius of Michael Breen's 3DM www.weare3dm.com.  We all must be missional.
Community/belonging is like puzzle pieces.  We are meant to fit together to create a unified picture/story.
Each piece must be authentically that particular piece and not try to be something different than who they are -no covetousness.  Each piece must fit in with others and must be willing to fit together.  It must submit to the group.  It must move with the group.  Groups of puzzle pieces are not community.  Community is much easier if all pieces can see the outcome picture.  This is why not vision casting but vision revealing and buy in are critical.  Leaders are not the biggest pieces or even the vision caster but facilitators, helping all the pieces including themselves to discern the picture and come together in the right order/sequence/placement.  It can work but it is much harder if only a prophet has the picture but no one else can see it.  Much better for the prophet to teach.  It is not then required nor essential nor even desirable for the leader to have the puzzle picture in mind.  The leader only has to get everyone in on the game.

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