Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...we exist for the praise of God's glory - Eph 1:11

Our occupation is to praise God.  It is not propriety or social action.  It is not to make money.  It is not to be happy.  It is not to provide for our families.  Our occupation is to praise God.  We must do that at all costs.  In doing that, the poor may be fed and our behavior perhaps redeemed.  Our families provided for.  Our happiness, and perhaps even with money, may settle in our hands.  Yet we must never be deterred if all else is lost.  We must never let up.  We must never lose our focus.  We must never give in to anything but that which praises God. Not for what He gives us or does for us but praise for who He is.  If you desire to be in God's will and be a part of His plan, simply spend time praising Him and you are there.  It really is that simple.
God, you are..........

God, you are the harbor.  Safety in the storm and a place for refitting.  A place for caulking my leaking seams and cleaning my hull.  A place of mending sails.  A place for fresh meals and supplies for the journey.  A place not home but preparation.  The place for new charts and orders.
God, you are the keel.  You steady my course and right me when I yaw.
God, you are the rudder, guiding me on my course through doldrums and gale.
You, Father, are the wind in my sails.  My energy.
God, you are the captain, of course. 
You are Polaris and sextant.  The truth and the way to find it.

And you are God, without me.  You are.  You remain.  I am a speck yet you love me the more.  I rebel and You call me back.
You are the God of lithium before there was "electricity".  You are God before.  You are God after.
You are the God Who plans and the God who redeems and re-plans.  Grace.

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