Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bread, Word, Music

A way of looking at the way people have historically engaged with Christ is, per Robert Webber, threefold.  In the first 1400 years or so, the focus was on breaking bread, mainly in the Catholic tradition.  The next way of engaging Christ was around and following the Reformation from the 1400's to the 1960's with the focus on the Word, Scripture.  The current buzz in the church is that engaging with Christ is predominantly through music.  When people talk of "worship" these days, they almost always mean singing.  
While this distinction is obviously artificial, with many exceptions, it certainly feels correct.  One of our challenges in modern Christendom is, while building new wineskins that encourage a new generation to approach God, is to constantly call people back to worship in Acts.  You don't need music.  You don't need the bread.  You don't even need the Word.  All you need is a heart turned towards God.  Every denomination has its focus and ground for its worship but every Christian must build their worship on bringing themselves humbly before god to offer their soul to His service.  And we must all learn that the tools we use to get ourselves there are, after all, simply tools and not the work itself. 
Worship is what we were made for.  It is our purpose.  Our destiny.  Do not be trapped but thinking that the avenue of worship is one street. Find YOUR expression of worship.  It may be painting, or sailing or writing or weaving.  God needs the gift He has given to you to return to Him with your fingerprints.  That is what He longs for.  It is what you long for.  Worship, in fullness and truth.

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