Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liturgy as Formation - 3

The first formation through liturgical activity is learning - head knowledge and intellectual assent.  The second liturgical formation activity is spending time with Christ and the community.  The last formation "work of the people" is our call in II Corinthians 5:18 to ambassadorship.  Our formation is like a light bulb in a series circuit which also has a motor in the circuit.  If the motor isn't running the electricity can't move through the line and the light can't come on.  In order for transformation to happen in you, you have to be involved in service/ministry.  God's word will never come back ineffectual.  If you sit back and wait to be transformed before you start working in God's story you will wait forever.  To put formation in investment terms, 45% should be invested in time with Jesus and the fellowship, 35% in ministry and 20% in study.  For most Christians today, our Christ-following activities are predominantly: 1) study, 2) a small amount of time spent in prayer and fellowship, and 3) rare ministry/service.  What this does is create people who are philosophy "Christians" who know a lot about God and assent to most of his teachings and ethics and therefore think that they are Christians.  These are those for whom I fear, Jesus will say, "I never knew you."  You really must fall in love with Jesus.  Not the book.  Not the idea.  Not theology.  Not the traditions.  Not the church.  You must fall in love with Him.  Learning is good but the bulk of any relationship is spending time doing stuff together and for others.  Get to work.  We are not saved by works but we will not be saved without them.

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