Monday, April 4, 2011

Bringing Adult Children (back) to Faith 4a

Accommodation faith to Assimilation.
Even after Jesus was resurrected and taught the disciples, in Acts 1:6, they ask Him, "Is this the time you are going to beat up the Romans and throw them out so we can have our kingdom back?"  [slightly paraphrased.]
The disciples, after all this time, years, were still looking for Jesus to fix their lives, to make things work, to be a part of their story.  The stage of spiritual growth that they can't seem to get to is called assimilation.  It is the stage when one commits oneself to be assimilated into Jesus' life, into His story.  Assimilation is the phase when you lose your life because you know that Jesus' life work is where you are supposed to be.  This is the place in growth where the rich young ruler collapsed.  "I have done (accommodated) all these things."  "Go and sell all you have...."  Can you hear the crowd?  "Jesus didn't tell me that."  "Is Jesus being metaphorical again?  Surely He isn't telling this guy to sell everything?"  "Watch, Jesus is going to call him back any second.  Just kidding, you only have to sell half."  Compare the disciples in Acts 1 with them a couple of days later in Chapter 2.  New creations.  The Holy Spirit comes upon them and they are new creations.  There is no more talk of them and their lives.  It is all about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  Their lives are forgotten.  Their story over-written.  We depend on the Holy Spirit for this work...but we can help.  We can set the stage.  We can bring up the lights.  We can start the music.  How?  Stay tuned.

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