Thursday, January 13, 2011

Struggling Not to Belong

When we go into the sun we get tanned. 
When we sit with God we get God-ed. 
This is what formation is all about.  Metanoia.  However…
We are so corrupted already. 
Adam and Eve sinned – image-of-God freedom, I suppose.
In our freedom we sin and so must struggle against individual sins. 
We must also struggle to be free from sin's bondage.
And, we must struggle into the sun.
Struggle to use our freedom for freedom.
The slave looks into the mirror and sees the brand removed but
walks away and forgets what he saw, who he is, free. So he is enslaved again.
Not to belong to the world is three works - not to go to sin, go to God for repair, go to God for filling.
Formation and counterformation. 
Redemption.  Freedom. 

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